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full garden stone accesories

due to garden owner request
here is where, I put all of the stone carving.
little bit crowded but still good to see.


Why should build it there,??
Keywords: Describe and Analyse all of plans and functions.
This is what to be garden owner necessary needs, is a must to describe and analyze the whole planning and decided carrefully all of the functions to make them all fit with the
area.Mainly match with the house architecture.(What a rediculous things,if we use Tuxedo
on top body whereas we wear a beach short pant at the bottom side)
All of those are really need your senses of art and good feeling, so you can decide
the main of garden functions, located the outdoor activity and rendezvous area,
builds or put an artproducts, whatever would be your idea to support your living
environment.The question of Where to play and doing an activity, gets a relaxspere
area with nature environment,etcetera.. will be the reason of Why Sould build it there!!.
Things to remember:
1.Select the right garden accesories or hardscape construction, put and display within the right
place and position.(ie; pond and waterfall for large space, pots or statues to fill the emptiness)
2.Make sure the play ground and activity areas are fit, safe and comfortable. better use garden
lawn, flower bed and terrain contour to support the garden performance.
3.Use the right garden paths,border, fences or even gate if necessary. But keep far away
the unsecure products or expensive garden acesories from playground and activities area.


<"Where Why What Who How">

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Please, don't read:"Where I watch whoo hoo
This is the simple way to start up your own Garden.
Step by step to create your garden
1.Where is the garden location,?.
2.Why should build it there,?.
3.What Types of garden will match with the house architectures,?
4.Who could build it, fit with the concept,?.
5.How to build and arranged all of the garden process.

Start from: WHERE..??
Keywords: Analyse for garden structure and location
this is the way to select the right location through a few of analyze . for instant, I describe
as : 1.Soil Structures= The analyze for knowing the stability and fertility of soil structure, keep and promotes the plants growth, also the strength against construction or products which will build and place on it.
2. Terrain Contour= formation of artistic curve, hilly contour and stage form to expose the
Various kind of plants and flowers.Besides will divided the garden parts
and functions naturally.
3. Irrigation = knowing the line of water supply and control system.
4. Humidity level = Sun light intensity is the most important factors to analyze, from that we
could selected the right kind of plant or tree,and build a sunshade product if necessary .
5.Plumbing and electrical installation = if you use garden accessories, like garden lamp or spotlight for night vision, fountain and waterfall. you need secure area to install pipes and wires
Make sure you had plan forward all of the installation.
Those are will be the answer of : plant varieties, fertility and endurable of soil structure, freshness for feel and looks, and the use of garden accessories and others support.


Introducing="Mr.Grayden Provis". Australian garden designer

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He has good reputation as garden designer, especially in suburban garden design.
he said: "you don't have to throw lots of money at a garden to make a statement.
an Impact can be achieved with a simple, strong design and bold planting using relatively
few species"..see also the picture


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send along your opinions , tips and advices , everything you like to share.. will be a pleasure to me and ofcourse I'll really appreciated.

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